For Authors

We currently have a single option for featuring your novel with Persia Publishing. Please read about it below.

If you are planning to discount your book (or if your book is already priced at $0.99). The Persia Publishing Feature is for you. With over 16,000 registered users a Persia Publishing feature can help you to drive sales of your book, find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, and improve your book rank on retail sites.

$0.99 paranormal romance novel book blast

Our paranormal romance book blast is currently the only service we offer is a solo feature of your book in our newsletter to our complete list of subscribers (over 16,000 subscribers currently).

With this option, we only feature one book per day to our newsletter. Titles are required to be $0.99 with good reviews and a good cover. The cost of this promotion is $40 USD, and on average, users report 80-160 sales from this promotion.

Books with an OUTSTANDING cover, phenomenal blurb, and killer opening pages perform best. Having reviews helps, too. These things are required and will be reviewed. Your book can be declined and you will receive a notice as to why your book was declined in regards to the criteria listed above.

  • No payment is to be made until we review your book and send you an invoice.
  • All books submitted must be the first book of a series or an HEA / single-series book.

* Average sales based on $0.99 price point and are not a results guarantee. Results occur over the course of 1-2 days.


Q: Why does it cost $40 when you only have a list of 16,000 subscribers?

A: All inactive subscribers are filtered out regularly. This lost of 16,000 subscribers (and counting) are very active with a very high open rate to each book blast. We do not want to market the possible 34,000 subscribers we had when we knew that just over half of them have never opened a single one of our emails.


Q: Why do you only offer it to books that are $0.99?

A: The newsletter that is being built is accustomed only to books that are $0.99 or free. Blasting books at a higher price is not tested and true. Therefore we do not want to take your money and market your book with a service that is questionable when promoted at a price that differs from the norm.


Q: Why do you only shout out paranormal romance books?

A: Because our list has specifically been tailored and filtered for paranormal romance authors. We currently do not have a list that has been built, tailored towards any other genre.


Q: Why do you only accept the first book of a series or solo books?

A: The following books in a continuous series perform a lot worse than the first book of a series or an HEA book. We won't advertise them as they won't live up to expectations.



Bella Roccaforte - Author

"I thought Adam did a great job with the promo on my PNR. I got a good boost in downloads and will use the service again! I can't wait to see how this program grows! If you have an questions, feel free to contact me at"


Calinda B - New York Times Bestselling author

"As an indie author I get inundated with ads and promo offers to BUY THIS or PAY FOR THAT SERVICE. Most are a total waste of money. When I saw the FB post on one of my promo groups for a Newsletter Blast for Persia Publishing, I almost balked--I do free newsletter swaps with authors weekly. My Persia blast went out yesterday and I can say with confidence that it help take my book to the top 20 in three Amazon categories. Do yourself a favor and book with Persia. You won't be disappointed."