Originally this company was geared towards helping authors who wanted to focus solely on writing, and did not want to get involved with the back-end business side of marketing their books. 

Due to the fact that we have amassed such a large email marketing presence in the paranormal romance genre. We are now going to expand our services to include shout outs of $0.99 paranormal books for authors. 

Lucy Lyons_Picture

Lucy Lyons - Vampire Romance Author

My name is Lucy Lyons and am an avid reader of novels, I had loads of time on my hands when I retired six years ago and starting writing.I have two sons, one has his own store which he also manages and the younger is finishing his degree at McMaster University this year. I thoroughly enjoy traveling to other countries and exploring other cultures. I have traveled to Asia, the Middle East, most of the Caribbean and most recently Italy. Travelling allows me to be more creative in my writing as I experience meeting many people of different cultures.

KDP_Captured By The Dragon

K.T Stryker - Shifter Romance Author

I was born and raised in Leeds, England to loving parents that both worked in the medical field. At a very young age I was curious and fascinated with dragons, and was inclined to writing short stories about them. I was drawn and had a special interest in the Supernatural so most of my reading pertained to it. In my adult life I eventually got married to a military man and we traveled extensively with our three children. In my free time while I was living in foreign countries I had some free time to experiment with creatively writing about the Supernatural. My globe trotting gave me insights into becoming a plot generator of imaginative writings with dragon shifters being one of my main topics. This is my first publication on this topic with more to follow.